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jazz drumming idea 36 | Moving Triplets Under Jazz Time | on jazz drumming

Moving Triplets

The simple exercise focuses on playing groups of three triplets between the snare drum and bass drum.

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Ask Me Now - Brian Blade - on jazz drumming

Brian Blade on Ask Me Now

Brian Blade's wonderful comping on Ask Me Now, from the album Real Book Stories.

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jazz drumming idea 30 | 5 Beat Ideas | on jazz drumming

5 Beat Jazz Drum Comping Ideas

A collection of some miscellaneous five beat ideas and applications to jazz playing...

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11 essential jazz drummers you should listen to | jazz drumming inspiration | on Jazz drumming

11 Essential Jazz Drummers You Should Check Out

When you are starting out with jazz drumming one of the most important things you need to do is listen a lot. In fact this is true whether you are a beginner or not. In order to understand the rhythms, the feeling, the swing, you have to listen widely and historically. Time spent listening to the music and what the drummers do, is as valuable as practicing, and not listening enough was a mistake I certainly made when I was starting out. In fact, I still need to listen more which is part of the reason I wrote this post.

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jazz drumming idea 28 | Advanced Comping Ideas | on jazz drumming

Advanced Comping Ideas

Some examples of how to interpret a rhythmic figure with more advanced comping ideas...

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So What Licks - Jimmy Cobb - on jazz drumming

3 Great Jimmy Cobb Licks

Jimmy Cobb's playing on Miles Davis's "Kind of Blue" is a lesson in the art of jazz drumming. Here are three licks or fills that he uses to propel the time into the next section.

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jazz drumming idea 21 | A Simple Phrase - Exstensions | on jazz drumming

A Simple Phrase - Extensions

In the this third part of the series, we look at applying the rhythmic phrase to bar four bar cycles for time keeping and solos.

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jazz drumming idea 21 | A Simple Phrase - Phrases | on jazz drumming

A Simple Phrase - Phrases and Unisons

In the this second part of the series, we look at applying the rhythmic phrase to the ride cymbal, as comping patterns, and as unisons.

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John Riley Headroom Triplets | On Jazz Drumming

John Riley's Headroom Triplets

I've mentioned John Riley's Headroom triplets in some posts so here's the original video and a PDF of the exercises. 

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jazz drumming idea 19 | Blue Monk Stickings | on jazz drumming

Blue Monk Stickings

Playing the melodic rhythm of Blue Monk with various sticking patterns.

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