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Ask Me Now - Brian Blade - on jazz drumming

Brian Blade on Ask Me Now

Brian Blade's wonderful comping on Ask Me Now, from the album Real Book Stories.

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Brian Blade | 1970 playlist | On Jazz Drumming

Brian Blade: A 1970 playlist

Brian Blade suggests a special playlist of tunes from 1970 for JazzTimes magazine, in celebration of the magazines 50th anniversary. The list is interesting in it's own right, but also revealing of Blade's musical influences.

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jazz drumming idea 21 | A Simple Phrase - Exstensions | on jazz drumming

A Simple Phrase - Extensions

In the this third part of the series, we look at applying the rhythmic phrase to bar four bar cycles for time keeping and solos.

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Brian Blade - Children of the Light - On Jazz Drumming

Brian Blade and Children of the Light

Brian Blade is one of my favourite drummers. He may not appear to be as technically adroit as some other drummers, but that’s precisely the point. He is probably one of the most original sounding and musical drummers around...

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