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Basic Placements | Jazz Drumming Fundamentals | On Jazz Drumming

Beat Placements - An Essential, Comprehensive Practice Tool

Beat Placements are simply about placing a figure or idea on every possible place in the bar to systematically cover all possibilities. This is an essential practice tool that I find constantly useful.

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jazz drumming idea 38 | 3/4 Paraiddle | on jazz drumming

3/4 Paradiddles

This idea applies a paradiddle between the kick and snare drum underneath 3/4 time.

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jazz drumming idea 37 | Mixing Rolls | on jazz drumming

Mixing Rolls

This idea combines 5 stroke, 7 stroke, and 9 stroke rolls into some interesting phrases.

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Basic Rhythmic Scale | Jazz Drumming Fundamentals | On Jazz Drumming

1:2:3:4 - The Basic Rhythmic Scale

The rhythmic scale and the transitions between the primary ways of sub dividing the beat is an essential element in your development as a jazz drummer. It will also open up many more possibilities in your drumming.

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jazz drumming idea 36 | Moving Triplets Under Jazz Time | on jazz drumming

Moving Triplets

The simple exercise focuses on playing groups of three triplets between the snare drum and bass drum.

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Ask Me Now - Brian Blade - on jazz drumming

Brian Blade on Ask Me Now

Brian Blade's wonderful comping on Ask Me Now, from the album Real Book Stories.

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Chick Corea's Wise Words | jazz drumming inspiration | on Jazz drumming

Chick Corea's Very Wise Words

Jazz legend Chick Corea passed away unexpectedly in February, but he leaves beyond a treasure trove of great music, and some profound advice for all aspiring musicians, including jazz drummers.

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jazz drumming idea 35 | Inverted 9 Stroke Roll Fills | on jazz drumming

Inverted 9 stroke rolls

Based on an inverted 9 stroke roll idea that was more for rock and funk drumming, this is an similar concept applied to jazz time.

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Solea: Flamenco in Seville | jazz drumming inspiration | on Jazz drumming

"Paco died learning" - Soleá: The flamenco of Seville

"Soleá" is a short documentary about a flamenco guitarist living and playing in Seville. It has some interesting insights into the life of a musician and one can see parallels with jazz musicians.

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Bossa Nova Beats | jazz drumming fundamentals | on jazz drumming

3 Essential Bossa Nova Beats

Playing Bossa Nova is an essential part of playing jazz drums. Here are three basic Bossa Nova beats to get you started.

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