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Basic Rhythmic Scale | Jazz Drumming Fundamentals | On Jazz Drumming

1:2:3:4 - The Basic Rhythmic Scale

The rhythmic scale and the transitions between the primary ways of sub dividing the beat is an essential element in your development as a jazz drummer. It will also open up many more possibilities in your drumming.

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jazz drumming idea 36 | Moving Triplets Under Jazz Time | on jazz drumming

Moving Triplets

The simple exercise focuses on playing groups of three triplets between the snare drum and bass drum.

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Ask Me Now - Brian Blade - on jazz drumming

Brian Blade on Ask Me Now

Brian Blade's wonderful comping on Ask Me Now, from the album Real Book Stories.

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Chick Corea's Wise Words | jazz drumming inspiration | on Jazz drumming

Chick Corea's Very Wise Words

Jazz legend Chick Corea passed away unexpectedly in February, but he leaves beyond a treasure trove of great music, and some profound advice for all aspiring musicians, including jazz drummers.

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jazz drumming idea 35 | Inverted 9 Stroke Roll Fills | on jazz drumming

Inverted 9 stroke rolls

Based on an inverted 9 stroke roll idea that was more for rock and funk drumming, this is an similar concept applied to jazz time.

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Solea: Flamenco in Seville | jazz drumming inspiration | on Jazz drumming

"Paco died learning" - Soleá: The flamenco of Seville

"Soleá" is a short documentary about a flamenco guitarist living and playing in Seville. It has some interesting insights into the life of a musician and one can see parallels with jazz musicians.

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Bossa Nova Beats | jazz drumming fundamentals | on jazz drumming

3 Essential Bossa Nova Beats

Playing Bossa Nova is an essential part of playing jazz drums. Here are three basic Bossa Nova beats to get you started.

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jazz drumming idea 34 | Mixed grouping fills | on jazz drumming

3 mixed grouping fill ideas

Here are 3 ideas for mixed group fills with some ways to voice them around the kit.

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Chameleon - Harvey Mason - on jazz drumming

Harvey Mason on Chameleon

A basic transcription and a few variations of Harvey Mason's jazz-funk groove from Herbie Hancock's Chameleon.

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Brian Blade | 1970 playlist | On Jazz Drumming

Brian Blade: A 1970 playlist

Brian Blade suggests a special playlist of tunes from 1970 for JazzTimes magazine, in celebration of the magazines 50th anniversary. The list is interesting in it's own right, but also revealing of Blade's musical influences.

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