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Palm Grease - Mike Clark - on jazz drumming

A transcription of Mike Clark's groove on Palm Grease.

How your body and brain learns during practicing | jazz drumming inspiration | on Jazz drumming

All musicians struggle with practice and how to practice effectively. What to practice is very much dependent on your level and your playing goals. How to practice usually means focusing on what you can't do, or at least on what you can't do well enough. But few of us know why practising works and what is going on in the body and brain.

jazz drumming idea 39 | Quarter Note Triplet Comping | on jazz drumming

A few simple ideas to get you started on quarter note triplet comping between the snare drum and the bass drum with three essential patterns.

Basic Placements | Jazz Drumming Fundamentals | On Jazz Drumming

Beat Placements are simply about placing a figure or idea on every possible place in the bar to systematically cover all possibilities. This is an essential practice tool that I find constantly useful.

jazz drumming idea 38 | 3/4 Paraiddle | on jazz drumming

This idea applies a paradiddle between the kick and snare drum underneath 3/4 time.

jazz drumming idea 37 | Mixing Rolls | on jazz drumming

This idea combines 5 stroke, 7 stroke, and 9 stroke rolls into some interesting phrases.