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Triplet Paradiddle Inversions with Snare and Kick

jazz drumming idea #15


jazz drumming idea #15 | Triplet Paradiddle Inversions with Snare and Kick


So this is a follow on from Idea #14 and if you have been moving the triplet paradiddle inversions around the kit as suggested, it will come as no big surprise.

All we are doing is voicing the pattern between the snare drum and the bass drum, replacing the right-hand (for right handers) with the right foot.

Although it's not written your right-hand should now be playing jazz time on the ride cymbal with the hi-hat on two and four. You could also just play quarter notes or a shuffle, to try out some other ways to play this with time.

Of course played under jazz time, this can be used musically in an Elvin Jones-esque way, if it's not too heavy and applied sparingly, but it can also just be used to further develop your co-ordination alla John Riley's "Headroom Triplets".

For me personally, I seem to find the double kicks on beat four of the first bar of exercise 2. and beat two of the second bar of exercise 4. particularly tricky, and requiring some isolated work.

Remember to start slow, quarter note = 60 bpm, and work up. A good target is quarter note = 200 bpm.

Also practice starting from the 2nd bar of each exercise.

Don't worry about the accents too much and focus more on the flow. Experiment with moving the snare drum part around the kit.

This was originally posted on "Jazz Drumming Blog" and in the "Ideas for Jazz Drumming" e-book (no longer available). This post has been revised from the original.

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