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Triplet Hand Co-ordination

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jazz drumming #idea33 | Triplet Hand Co-ordination


This set of hand exercises is a triplet version of the 16th note co-ordination patterns for latin playing. It provides some co-ordination for playing jazz drums and shuffles.

The idea is to play two triplet figures, one in each hand. Then switch the patterns to the opposite hand.

Play each figure slowly until it is comfortable. Avoid flamming, the notes that come together must be in unison.

This provides quite a challenge, and will lead to some interesting phrases.

You can try with both hands on the snare to start with, but I highly recommend moving the right hand to the ride cymbal. You should also try other voicings around the kit.

Some more ways to practice these:

  1. Try moving between the exercises without stopping, playing each exercise for 4 bars, then 2 bars, then 1 bar.
  2. Maintain one pattern in the right hand and move the left hand through the variations.
  3. Maintain one pattern in the left hand and move the right hand through the variations.

The aim here is develop co-ordination and independence between the hands, so that you can free yourself to create music. These patterns themselves won't sound all that musical if you just drop them mindlessly into whatever you are playing, but with patience they will give you some more options.

Play a basic foot pattern through out.

Get the PDF below which has a full set of exercises not shown in the picture above.

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