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Stroke Transitions

jazz drumming idea #22


jazz drumming #idea22 | Sticking Transitions - jazz drumming

Another simple idea that can be used as a warm-up and a way to develop double strokes.

The trick here is to transition smoothly between the different stickings 1 - 6 and back again.

Pay particular attention to 3 & 6 which shifts the double stroke by a beat - the inverted double stroke; this can be awkward as there is a danger of slipping into the usual double stroke position.

Start off slowly doing one bar of each, then 2 bars and finally 4 bars.

Work on increasing the tempo, moving the hands around the kit, and with the hand on different sound sources.


This was originally posted on "Jazz Drumming Blog" and in the "Ideas for Jazz Drumming" e-book (no longer available). This post has been revised from the original.

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