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Roy Haynes on Solar


Roy Haynes - Solar

I think the Pat Metheny record "Question and Answer" was and is a big inspiration to me, and with good reason. It's probably one of the best Metheny albums and one of those times when the the music just seems to happen. But what do you expect with three legends of jazz coming together to play on a few tunes.

This record also got me into the drumming of Roy Haynes, and is one of the reasons he is one of my favourite drummers.

This is a transcription of Roy's playing on the first couple of choruses of the first track, Miles Davis's "Solar". It exemplifies Roy's bustling, flowing style, and highlights many of his ideas, particularly in up-tempo playing. His sound is so crisp and tight, and never sounds stagnant, with every idea pushing the music on and commenting on the Metheny's solo.

Despite all the interplay between Roy's limbs, - hi-hat, snare and bass drum acting as different voices - everything comes from Roy's dancing cymbal time

There is a lot to unpack here, so take it slow. Eventually try to play it along with the recording.

Listen to the whole tune and once you get attuned to the ideas, try to improvise your own ideas in Roy's style.

This was originally posted on "Jazz Drumming Blog" back in 2010.

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