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Rolls At Different Tempos

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jazz drumming #idea27 | Rolls At Different Tempos


This idea works on developing rolls to be played at different tempos, starting from medium and down to ballad playing.

The aim here is to keep a triplet sub-division with all of the rolls finishing on the third beat of the triplet, the "and" effectively.

The left-column shows you the sub-divisions in 3/4, so you can understand where the beats come.

The 11-stroke roll is the exception. At ballad tempos we are often thinking of sub-dividing each beat into six instead of the three, so the up-beat accent comes much later.

I primarily apply these rolls to brush playing.

Start slow, experiment with doubles and singles, and use a basic foot pattern.

When comfortable apply to time - 2 bars time & 2 bars rolls; 3 bars time & 1 bar rolls.

Then place in different positions in the bar - more on that another time.

The PDF contains one more 16 stroke roll for super slow tempos.

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