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Moving Triplets Between Snare and Kick

jazz drumming idea #36


jazz drumming #idea36 | Moving Triplets Under Jazz Time


This is inspired by an old Antonio Sanchez post on instagram. He was moving between groups of three, two, and then singles. I liked the idea of groups of three triplets and then set to moving them through the bar into all the different placements. Some of them are more challenging than others.

It's not written because the score looks cluttered, but play the hi-hat on 2 & 4, or all four quarter notes.

Try moving the snare part around the kit.

Start slow and make sure you get everything lined up nicely. Keep the bass drum light.

Above are the first three positions, you can find the remaining three positions in the PDF.

Probably a little difficult to find direct musical applications, but it is a good coordination exercise to try out.

Have fun with it.


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