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3 Mixed Grouping Fill Ideas To Add To Your Solos

jazz drumming idea #34


jazz drumming #idea34 | Mixed Grouping Fills


Here you'll find a collection of 3 ideas for fills or licks incorporating the bass drum and the hands.

What I hope you find interesting is the 16th-note groupings - a group of 4, then two groups of 6 - which sound pretty hip.

a. is the basic figure;
b. is a voicing around the kit;
c. is the figure reversed.
d. is a voicing of the reversed figure.

Start with hand to hand singles, but other stickings will open up other possibilities.

In the PDF you'll find an idea with a single kick, and a third idea that shifts between triplets and 16ths - two beats of each.

There are plenty of ways to go with this from here. Experiment with your own voicings; try changing the order - 6/4/6; build into two and four bar phrases that you can use in soloing, and so on.

We will explore some odd note groupings another time.

Get the PDF below which has a full set of exercises not shown in the picture above.

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