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How To Play Jazz Drums in 3/4


Jazz Drumming in 3/4 | On jazz Drumming

Once you have become comfortable with playing jazz in 4/4, you will need to work on playing in 3/4, a jazz waltz. You will start to find that there are some popular tunes played in 3/4 - a good exam is “All Blues” from the Miles Davis album “Kind of Blue” - and that on a gig a couple of the tunes are likely to be in 3/4.

This worksheet will start to get you familiar with some basic snare drum comping ideas. This requires a new level of inter-dependence and it will probably seem a bit awkward compared to playing in 4/4.

The typical foot pattern is to play the bass drum on one, and the hi-hat on 2 & 3, but personally I prefer to play the hi-hat only on beat 2.

Start slow and make sure to count. Try to sing the phrases as you play.

Once you are comfortable with the basic set of patterns, try combining them into 2 and 4 bar phrases - I’ve given a few examples in the PDF. You should also try moving the snare drum part around the kit.

Some popular and famous tunes in 3/4:

+ My Favourite Things - as played by John Coltrane
+ Some Day My Prince Will Come.
+ Up Jumped Spring.
+ Jitterburg Waltz
+ Alice in Wonderland


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