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This idea is a bit similar to some older ideas I posted a few years ago, but I think it provides a nice little challenge.

It basically takes the first page of Stone's "Stick Control" and switches the Right Hand for the Right Foot. Instead the RH plays a simple quarter note ostinato with the Hi-Hat on 2 & 4 over each exercise.

The idea here is not to make a groove but to work on control between the snare drum and the kick so the parts should be played balanced and smooth. That said you can start to work in accents to move towards using theses exercises in grooves, when you have the basic control together.

That said, push the exercise to a tempo that is a little uncomfortable to really work on the control, playing each exercise 20 times or so.

Try with ostinatos B & C in the PDF, then experiment yourself with how to use musically.

The PDF contains the full set of exercises.

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