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Claudio Slon on Captain Bacardi


Claudio Slon - Captain Bacardi - bossa nova

This is a transcription of the intro and first time through "Captain Bacardi", the last track on Jobim's quintessential album "Wave".

As the drums are playing solo for the first 8 bars and just grooving with bass and guitar for the next 8 bars, it's a great chance to really to listen to what is going on and pick up some points on playing bossa nova on the drum set.

There are a few key points:

+ The opening the hi-hat on the "ands" of 1 and 3, is surprisingly hard to get together. It's a very authentic Brazilian sound and worth working on.
+ Note the amount of improvisation from the basic pattern. There is a lot of improvised comping, but it becomes simpler when the melody arrives.
+ The tempo is also a challenge, so start slow and work it up.

The PDF contains the intro and the first time through the melody - 40 bars. Practice playing along with the whole track.

This was originally posted on "Jazz Drumming Blog" back in 2015.

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