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Brian Blade: A 1970 playlist

Brian Blade: A 1970 Artist’s Choice - a playlist for JazzTimes


Brian Blade is one of the modern great jazz drummers and one of my favourites too. As I've said before he has a uniquely musically approach to playing jazz drums that isn't overshadowed by flashy chops. He uses the drum kit purely as a vehicle for musical expression.

In a recent article for the 50th Anniversary of JazzTimes maganzine, Brian Blade puts together a playlist of tunes from 1970, which also happens to be the year he was born. It is a great insight in to the depth of his musical listening, and his musical influences, mixing jazz, soul, funk and even rock.

The list comprises tunes from the likes of Joni Mitchel, Stevie Wonder, John Coltrane, the Carpenters and Jimi Hendrix, complete with a brief explanation from Brian about why he choose each track.

He also mentions how attending a Dizzy Gillespie concert when he was 15 really lit the fire in him to play jazz music. Let's hope that 2021 gives us many more chances to be inspired and inspire others with great music.

In the meantime, read the full article on the JazzTimes website, and have a listen to the Spotify playlist.


Brian Blade: A 1970 Artist’s Choice - a special playlist.

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