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Ideas and Exercises
For Jazz Drumming

In this section you will find a a lot of jazz drum exercises, looking at everything from applying jazz drum rudiments to jazz comping for drums. There are ideas for jazz drum fills as well as exercises for developing your creativity in playing jazz drum patterns and rhythms.

Here we are looking at developing some ideas with a triplet partial pattern. It uses four beats - two doubles on the snare and two doubles on the bass drum. We look at some different ways to vary and use it.

jazz drumming idea 40 | Developing Hand Technique | on jazz drumming

This idea works on building hand technique in the left, non-lead, hand using beat placements with time playing.

jazz drumming idea 39 | Quarter Note Triplet Comping | on jazz drumming

A few simple ideas to get you started on quarter note triplet comping between the snare drum and the bass drum with three essential patterns.

jazz drumming idea 38 | 3/4 Paraiddle | on jazz drumming

This idea applies a paradiddle between the kick and snare drum underneath 3/4 time.

jazz drumming idea 37 | Mixing Rolls | on jazz drumming

This idea combines 5 stroke, 7 stroke, and 9 stroke rolls into some interesting phrases.

jazz drumming idea 36 | Moving Triplets Under Jazz Time | on jazz drumming

The simple exercise focuses on playing groups of three triplets between the snare drum and bass drum.

jazz drumming idea 35 | Inverted 9 Stroke Roll Fills | on jazz drumming

Based on an inverted 9 stroke roll idea that was more for rock and funk drumming, this is an similar concept applied to jazz time.

jazz drumming idea 34 | Mixed grouping fills | on jazz drumming

Here are 3 ideas for mixed group fills with some ways to voice them around the kit.

jazz drumming idea 33 | Triplet Hand Co-ordination | on jazz drumming

This set of exercises works on playing a different triplet pattern in each hand to build co-ordination...

jazz drumming idea 32 | 7 Beat Ideas | on jazz drumming

A collection of some miscellaneous seven beat ideas and applications to jazz playing...