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Vijay Iyer Trio | Marcus Gilmore | On Jazz Drumming

Marcus Gilmore and the Vijay Iyer Trio

Marcus Gilmore is one of the most interesting and creative jazz drummers playing at the moment. He played for 10 years as part of the Vijay Iyer Trio. Here they are performing some of the tunes from their album "Break Stuff" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

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jazz drumming idea 24 | Hand to Foot triplet co-ordination 2 | on jazz drumming

Hand to Foot Triplet Co-Ordination 2

This follows on from the previous idea, and works on hand and foot co-ordination with triplets...

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jazz drumming idea 23 | Hand to Foot triplet co-ordination 1 | on jazz drumming

Hand to Foot Triplet Co-Ordination 1

A simple but challenging exercise voicing triplets between the hands and the feet...

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So What Licks - Jimmy Cobb - on jazz drumming

3 Great Jimmy Cobb Licks

Jimmy Cobb's playing on Miles Davis's "Kind of Blue" is a lesson in the art of jazz drumming. Here are three licks or fills that he uses to propel the time into the next section.

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jazz drumming in 3/4 | jazz drumming fundamentals | on jazz drumming

How To Play Jazz Drums in 3/4

Once you have become comfortable with playing jazz in 4/4, you will need to work on playing in 3/4, a jazz waltz. You will start to find that there are some popular tunes played in 3/4 - a good exam is “All Blues” from the Miles Davis album “Kind of Blue” - and that on a gig a couple of the tunes are likely to be in 3/4.

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Wayne Shorter's Advice | jazz drumming inspiration | on jazz drumming

Wayne Shorter's Advice

Now into his eighties Wayne Shorter is one of the living legends of jazz music. He is one of the great jazz composers as well as tenor saxophone players, so when he gives advice it is well worth listening to. And what’s his advice? Read a lot.

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A website of jazz drumming transcriptions, ideas and exercises, that charts my investigation into drumming and jazz, and proivdes rescources for other asipring jazz drummers. Focusing more on the interpretation and accompaniment of music through comping and grooves, rather than just solos and soloing.