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jazz drumming idea 34 | Mixed grouping fills | on jazz drumming

3 mixed grouping fill ideas

Here are 3 ideas for mixed group fills with some ways to voice them around the kit.

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Chameleon - Harvey Mason - on jazz drumming

Harvey Mason on Chameleon

A basic transcription and a few variations of Harvey Mason's jazz-funk groove from Herbie Hancock's Chameleon.

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Brian Blade | 1970 playlist | On Jazz Drumming

Brian Blade: A 1970 playlist

Brian Blade suggests a special playlist of tunes from 1970 for JazzTimes magazine, in celebration of the magazines 50th anniversary. The list is interesting in it's own right, but also revealing of Blade's musical influences.

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jazz drumming idea 33 | Triplet Hand Co-ordination | on jazz drumming

Triplet Hand Co-ordination

This set of exercises works on playing a different triplet pattern in each hand to build co-ordination...

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Capatin Bacardi - Claudio Slon - on jazz drumming

Claudio Slon on Captain Bacardi

A transcription of Claudio Slon's bossa nova grooving on Jobim's "Captain Bacardi".

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jazz drumming idea 32 | 7 Beat Ideas | on jazz drumming

7 Beat Jazz Drum Comping Ideas

A collection of some miscellaneous seven beat ideas and applications to jazz playing...

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A website of jazz drumming transcriptions, ideas and exercises, that charts my investigation into drumming and jazz, and proivdes rescources for other asipring jazz drummers. Focusing more on the interpretation and accompaniment of music through comping and grooves, rather than just solos and soloing.